Monday, November 22, 2010

Camping with our favorite son

Yes I am a bit behind on blogging. However, my son Richard is turning 40 soon and this was a camping trip we took with his family last year. Since he is our favorite I thought this would be a good time to do an update on the blog.

Here are 2 of his handsome boys!

Playing in the field. It rained quite a bit so we had to enjoy it when the sun came out.

Camdon (Richards son)

A really neat tree that someone carved a door into.

Jaron (Richards son)

and here is our favorite son Richard with his father.

We sure enjoyed the trip.

It's good to see Ray relaxing.

Trevon (Richards son)

Taking in the beautiful view from atop a mountain. Richard (our favorite) and Trevon.

Yes thats me.

Well I hope you all got a good laugh at the whole favorite son part of this blog post. This is really Marcy (Jerry's favorite daughter in law, wink-wink) and I high-jacked her blog because a new post was long overdue.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On July 4, Ray and I went to an antique car show
in Show Low, Arizona
Ray is standing beside a 1946 Chevy pickup. This is the
same model of car that Ray's dad Harvey, gave us as a
wedding present in 1965. He asked Buster (this is what
his family called him) if he wanted a pickup or $50.00
for a wedding gift. Of course we took the pickup.
It was green with black fenders.
This is a 1927/28 Buick.
When Ray's family lived at the underpass ( a few miles
outside Winslow), a tourist broke down in a vehicle like
this one. They parked it in the Turley's yard, west of
the house. The tourists intended to come back to get
it, but they never did. Ray and his five brothers played
'pretend' and traveled all over the United States driving
that Buick. They even let their two sisters drive it.
They also had many picnics in it.
That old Buick ended up as scrap material for the war effort.

This is a 1941 Packard
Uncle John Turley (Ray's grandfather's brother) had a yellow
convertible Packard like this one. Uncle John was sick in the
hospital in Holbrook. His wife, Aunt Electa, asked Buster to
drive her from Joseph City to Holbrook to visit her husband.
Buster was 17 years old (1948). It was a thrill of a lifetime
for him to be able to drive that car.
This model Packard had a clutch and stick shift.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This flagpole with the eagle on top is in the Joseph City cemetery.
It was Jim's Eagle Scout project in 1982.
This picture was taken last month at Dora Turley's graveside services.
by Kaye Rominger
The air is cool, the sky is clear.
I listen to the pines whisper in my ear.
"You're free, you're free, they softly say.
Others before you have led the way.
They gave their lives for this promised land,
Against God's enemy they made their stand.
The time has come to do your part.
Come my child serve God with all your heart."
The sun shines brightly, the birds are gay.
I listen as they sing and play.
Their message is so very sweet,
"This land is great, no other can compete.
We see God's treasures in this blest land.
They can be preserved by your human hand.
Cherish nature," they seem to say.
"So that others may enjoy it in a later day."
Now as I kneel upon the ground,
I listen to the forest's sound.
A reverent prayer I seem to hear
And I know that God is very near.
I thank Him for this land so great,
And I pray I may cherish it for other's sake;
That they may see its treasure too,
And know God made it for me and you.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Zale, my granddaughter and Jim's daughter wanted to give
her Dad a box for Father's Day. She asked her Grandpa Turley
if he would help her make one.

Grandpa picked her up Thursday afternoon to come to our
house to make the box. Here they are busy at work

You can tell Zale is pleased with the way it is turning out.

What a beautiful smile.
By the way, Zale just got her braces off.

Four hours later they had this beautiful box made.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I would like to honor all fathers today - from my Heavenly Father to my earthly father, who was Warren Oliver Hardy.
He returned to his Heavenly Father in 1974 at the age of 56.
He didn't live as long as I think he should have, but he did leave a legacy.
There are two things that to this day I can visualize in my mind's eye when I think of my Daddy. He was a friend with a BIG SMILE to everyone, and the other was his LONG LEGS. Those long legs have been a symbol of his influence on my life, as well as my sisters Laura (Teeny), Kaye and my brother Warren (Butch). Those long legs that stretched across a ditch while he took our hand and helped us jump across - long legs that ran along side a railroad car, then jump on and waved goodbye - long legs that danced with us at the ward youth dances. Those long legs led us into the water of baptism and into the bishop's office for tithing settlement -- long legs that were busy running all over helping anyone that needed help - spiritual or physical.
Yes, Daddy's BIG SMILE that went from ear to ear, and those LONG LEGS that carried his whole being into the service of others and his Heavenly Father.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grandma Great - Dora Turley

Mother's Day, May 10, Ray took his Mother a lemon
meringue pie (her favorite).
Grandma has been in Priceless Adult Care for the
past three years. They took excellent care of her.
On Monday, May 18 Dora passed away peacefully
with her son Ray (Buster) and daughter Doreen by her side.
She was 101 years old. Verda, the nurse who took care of her
told us it was such a pleasure for her to care for Grandma.
She was always grateful and appreciative of everything,
she never complained, and was pleasant all the time.
Verda told us this was the happiest three years of her life.
Grandma raised eight children, she had 42 grandchildren,
117 great grand children, and 39 great great grandchildren.
She left a great legacy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


On Mother's Day, I set my table with this china
in memory of my mother and to honor her.
This was her first set of china.
When she was first married (1938) she went to
work at the White Cafe in Winslow to get the money to
purchase this beautiful set. She put the 12 piece set
of china on lay away and worked until it was paid for.
My mother passed away last October at the age of 89.
She was a grand lady. She loved to cook and she
always set a beautiful table. The day before she died
she gave a dinner party and her table looked
beautiful and the food was excellent.
On this Mother's Day, I would like to honor
all woman by quoting from Matthew Cowley (a former
member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (1976).
"You sisters belong to the great sorority of saviorhood.
You may not hold the priesthood. Men are different, men
have to have something given to them to make them
saviors of men, but not mothers, not women.
You are born with an inherent right, an inherent authority
to be the saviors of human souls. You are the co-creators
with God of his children. Therefore, it is expected of you
by right divine that you be the saviors and the
regenerating force in the lives of God's
children here upon the earth."
Women are the crowning jewel of all God's creation.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ray attends Father & Sons Outing

Ray just returned from camping at Oak Flat. He attended the Father & Son's outing for our ward and it looks as though he had a great time.
They had lunch in Superior. Here is Camdon (grandson).
This is where he slept, in the back of his covered wagon which he designed himself.

Preparing food for the group with Skip.

Howard was able to come with us and he had a great time visiting with his friend Aaron. They both grew up together in this ward.

More preparation for a great meal.
Jaron & Camdon (grandsons) who are also in our ward were there.

Trevon (another grandson) & Richard were able to take Friday off and we all traveled together.
It was a great time!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fools!

I guess the joke's on us. We were played. Jim & Richard along with their wives convinced their kids that they were going on a trip with us to California. The kids were packed and ready to go so you can imagine our surprise when they all showed up with their bags in tow. They had pillows and blankets. Sun hats and bathing suits. Spending money and excitement. We thought maybe they had all shown up for a sleepover at Grandma & Grandpas. We were delighted! The joke came out soon enough and we all had a good laugh. Thank goodness for kids and grandkids who keep life fun! Love you all.